Do you have a small or medium-sized enterprise that wants to enter the digital scene? The best way to boost your business is to hire the services of a digital marketing agency. However, you should know that not all agencies are the same and do not offer the same services. There are a number of aspects to consider before making a decision. That’s why today we bring you 10 questions you should ask every marketing team before hiring them.

1. What Experience and Reputation Do They Have?

The first thing you should ask about is the agency’s experience. No matter if it’s an agency that is just starting out in the industry, ensure that its team has a solid track record. Actually, hiring the services of a new digital agency in the market will allow you to enjoy a team with fresh ideas entirely at your disposal, with lots of creativity and innovative proposals, unlike agencies that already have decades of experience serving clients and end up offering the same strategy to all them. 

Likewise, a new marketing agency will always be much more economical in budget terms. But this does not mean that you should sacrifice quality for the price; you can also make sure to check reviews and ratings from other users to see the professionalism and quality of their work.

2. What Digital Marketing Services Does the Agency Offer?

Not all agencies offer the same digital marketing services. For this reason, you should look at what assistance the agency can provide you. An excellent all-in-one digital marketing agency offers web design, web maintenance, SEO, content creation, graphic design, advertising, and strategy on a comprehensive and customized package. But also ensure that offers the option of taking on the services separately.

Before hiring any service, consider what you want to achieve and what you need to accomplish. Nothing that a discovery call can not clarify.

3. How is their Approach to Customer Communication?

Is the agency open to receiving and giving feedback? Do they involve clients in the creative process or just deliver finished projects? All of these aspects should be considered when hiring your next digital marketing agency.

The best option will always be an agency that involves its clients from the beginning and is willing to make your business dream come true, just as you imagined.

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4. What Methodology Does the Digital Marketing Agency Use?

Continuing with the above, it’s important to know how the agency works, what processes it follows, and what communication channels you will have with them. A good agency should be transparent, organized, efficient, and in constant contact with you. A point in their favor is that they include you in their internal communication channels, such as Slack and similar platforms, and keep you in the loop. Another important point is that they share metrics with you. As CallRail said, 80% of marketing agencies agree that reporting is essential, and 85% believe proving ROI to clients will be the key to growth in the current year.

5. What Budget and Conditions Does the Agency Propose?

All the above is very lovely, but we are talking about business. That’s why, before hiring a digital marketing agency, you should request a detailed and personalized budget that includes each service’s details. You should also review the proposed contract and the payment, cancellation, and renewal conditions. You should ensure the budget fits your financial capacity and return expectations.

6. What Guarantees Does the Agency Offer?

A good marketing agency should offer guarantees on their work’s quality and effectiveness. They should commit to meeting the agreed objectives, respecting the established deadlines, solving any problem or incident that arises, and protecting your confidentiality and data. They should also offer periodic reports on the results obtained and proposed improvements.

7. What Makes the Digital Marketing Agency Different?

To choose a digital marketing agency, you should compare it with other available options. You should analyze what competitive advantages the agency has over its competitors, what added value it offers, how innovative it is, and if it applies to itself everything it offers for your business.

8. How Is the Agency Team?

The human factor is essential to the success of any digital marketing project. Therefore, you should know the human team that the agency has, and that will work with you. You should know how many people they are, their training and experience, what functions they perform, and what attitude they have. If the agency has a multidisciplinary, qualified, updated, and motivated team, then it is the best option for you.

Which Market Does the Agency Specialize In?

Another criterion you should consider is whether the agency specializes in your sector, your audience, or your type of business. This can be advantageous when designing a more effective and adapted digital marketing strategy for your characteristics. Hence, a specialized agency can better know your market, competition, and opportunities.

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10. What Results Can You Expect?

Finally, you should be clear about what results you can expect from the digital marketing agency. You should ask them what objectives they set themselves, what indicators they will use to measure them, what deadlines they will handle, and what ROI (return on investment) you can get. You should also know what actions they will take to achieve those results and how you will be able to verify them.

These are some of the questions that you should ask when hiring a digital marketing agency for your business. We hope they have been helpful and that they allow you to choose the best option for your project. Remember that a good digital agency can boost your online presence and achieve your goals.

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