As a professional, you know that a clogged drain can be pretty uncomfortable for you and your client. But did you know that common plumbing marketing mistakes can plug your business growth? This article explores five common errors you probably are making and don’t even realize. Plus, we’ll learn creative ways to avoid them. Let’s go, then.

1. A slow-loading website that is a drag on your customer engagement

You may be new in the industry. Or maybe you come from an era where to do business, it was enough a publication in the yellow pages to close the deal. But the truth is that in this day and age, everything happens on a device’s screen. That’s why it’s so important to have a solid digital presence and a well-structured website as your business’s face.

But it doesn’t end there, and you also need constant maintenance to guarantee speed, smoothness, and, generally, a good user experience. If you still don’t have an updated website, this is one of the main problems to solve. Contact an expert as soon as possible to design and maintain the perfect website for your business.

2. Not claiming your free Google Business Profile listing

Do you want to appear in local search results and increase traffic to your website? But how will a business client engage in your services if they don’t find your company in the first place? You should hurry up and claim your Google business profile if you don’t already.

This business profile presents your visitors and potential customers with a snapshot of your company and services. It includes your contact information, logo, service area, hours, and images. It also offers valuable trust-building customer reviews.

3. Ignoring conversions in your plumbing marketing strategy

As we said above, your website is your digital presence, and you don’t want your potential customers to be bored with useless information or bombarded with things that don’t interest them. That’s why, to get more leads through your website, you should ensure that certain information is accessible for anyone to find.

So your company name, logo, and contact information should be easy to find. You should also include:

Therefore, you should develop content highlighting what makes you different and your brand values and mission. Lastly, your website should include a method by which your clients can quickly contact you.

4. A Common plumbing marketing error: a Bad SEO

A website not optimized for search engines is a plumbing marketing mistake you cannot risk making. SEO means that you must take specific actions to ensure that your website ranks higher on the pages of search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

These actions include ensuring that your brand name, contact information, and service locations are visible on your plumbing website pages. But that’s not all, and you should do an exhaustive search of what searches related to your field are made by users. After, you must find those keywords that can be an opportunity and distribute them in your content.

Besides, you must learn to use Google Analytics, an essential tool that will help you improve your website, offering statistics about how many visits and what kind of visits you receive.

Man in blue overalls looking at plumbing detail sitting on floor near open cabinet with sink and set of tools in kitchen

You can do all this by investigating it and watching hundreds of tutorials to learn how to rank higher. Or, you can hire professional SEO services to do it for you (if we tell you a secret, it’s the best way to do it).

4. Not cleaning your UNAP Data

UNAP Data is a straightforward thing many business owners overlook with severe consequences. UNAP is your business’s URL, name, address, and phone number.

It is crucial that wherever your business is named on the internet, the UNAP is truthful and consistent. And we’re not just talking about your website or Google business profile; social media must also contain accurate information. If not, search engines will consider you a business they can’t trust and will penalize you, causing you to not appear among the first results. This brings us to the next mistake some plumbers make in their marketing strategies.

5. Not having a solid presence in social networks

When we say “having a strong presence” on social networks, we don’t mean just creating a Facebook page with the name of your business. We’re talking about a consistent and well-planned branding strategy. That’s why you should create profiles for your business on every social network your customers use, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. 

These profiles need to be labeled as a business so that you can include your UNAP data and your service hours. Thus, your customers can comment on how good their experience was hiring your plumbing services. This will give you authority and make your business stand out.

In addition, by having a presence on social networks, you will be able to get valuable traffic to your website because they will be people interested in your services. You must also ensure that your social networks are consistent and coherent and that the colors, logo, and content you post on each reflect your brand’s values.

Advertising as part of the plumbing marketing campaign

Also, investing in ads on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram will increase your reach and help you find the right audience for your services. On Google, on the other hand, you can make your services available to deal with plumbing emergencies, for example, for cases in which users do not have time to research several options to choose their plumbing service.

There are two types of Google Ads services. The Local Service Ads, which appear at the top of the organic results page, serve to target consumers in specific locations. The Search ads, which also appear at the top, include a headline, description, and an URL for users to visit your website.

Portrait of a plumber in overalls sitting near the sink at the kitchen doing plumbing marketing

Thus, you must connect with your online community. Generating discussion, posting relevant information, and running contests that attract new followers but motivate existing ones are good options. With an excellent online reach, many business opportunities will open up. But you’ll likely need help, as you’ll be busy ensuring smooth plumbing and restoring peace of mind.

At StoryLabs, we have everything you need to get your business up and running correctly, and we know how to avoid these plumber marketing mistakes. Plus, we have a few tricks up our sleeves that we’d love to share with you during a discovery call. Contact one of our consultants and get your plumbing business flowing smoothly.

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